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Hybrid Feel & Mappable Keys

RPG & Strategy gamers typically need advanced functionality and some programmability to act out decisions quickly or access inventory. The Pathogen Keyboard lets you map your keys however you need, plus our hybrid switches give a tactile feel similar to a mechanical keyboard but at a price that won't hurt your wallet. Choose from blue, red or purple backlit keys, adjust the brightness or turn it off, whatever you prefer. This keyboard is highly adaptive to your gaming needs.

Pathogen Keyboard
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Multi-Directional Sound

Elevate your gaming experience with our headsets for team communication in PvP, Dungeons, or Raids. Enjoy beautiful in game music, or always hear where your enemy is to stay one step ahead of them.

Pathogen Headset
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Personalized Sensitivity

With each mouse allowing for DPI adjustment, find the ultimate comfort and speed in which to stalk and counterattack your enemies.

Pathogen Mouse

Extended Play Surfaces

Our mouse pads are designed larger to accommodate a lot of movement without having to readjust for more intense gaming sessions.

Pathogen Mousepad
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