Personalized Sensitivity

With each mouse allowing for DPI adjustment, find the ultimate comfort and speed in which to stalk and counterattack your enemies.

Infiltrate Mouse
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Premium Stereo Sound

Infiltrate Headphones come armed with 2.0 stereo sound for immersive gaming experiences in a variety of settings. Designed for long-term use and comfort, these headphones are great for long gaming sessions. Equipped with an omni-directional mic, Infiltrate Headphones will pick up and transmit your voice with clarity, allowing you to communicate plans to teammates or trash-talk your opponents, without worrying your message will lose anything by being garbled at the receiving end.

Infiltrate Headset
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Sturdy and Dependable

Designed to take punishment from the harshest gaming environments, the Infiltrate Keyboard is a dependable workhorse with a lot of bells and whistles to boot. 104 highly-responsive keys, LED backlights with different colors for WASD and arrow keys, multimedia shortcut keys and more. This keyboard can take the abuse and help you dish it out as well.

Infiltrate Keyboard
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Extended Play Surfaces

Our mouse pads are designed larger to accommodate a lot of movement without having to readjust for more intense gaming sessions.

Infiltrate Mousepad
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