GX-MP1 XL Mouse Pad with Fabric Top


ENHANCE GX-MP1 Gaming Mouse Pad - The GX-MP1 sports highly durable material for long lasting use and stitched edges to prevent fraying. The mouse pad's extra tracking surface is perfect for gamers , graphic designers , engineers , digitals artists , and many others who rely on heavy use of the mouse! Enlarged Surface - The GX-MP1 features a large surface , measuring at 12.6 x 10.6 inches , so you can slide your mouse freely back and forth without any friction.
  • $14.99

Rise Above the Competition

The ENHANCE GX-MP1 Large Gaming Mouse is the perfect addition to any gamer's desktop station. A deep black and green design on a soft premium tracking surface produces excellent performance with laser and optical gaming mice and looks sleek enough for any modern gaming surface.

  • Green circuit design with black shadowing adds style to your gaming set up
  • Soft Premium tracking surface allows laser and optical mice to track with precision and speed

50% Larger Than Standard Mouse Pads

The ENHANCE GX-MP1 offers 134 square inches of premium tracking surface, more than 50% larger than a standard mouse pad. Eliminate drag and drop techniques when you run out of mouse pad space, and push your gaming past the limits of a conventional mouse pad.

  • Eliminate annoying drag and drop mousing with a larger surface with more room to roam
  • Larger than standard mouse pads, but maintains a reasonable size to accommodate work or home desks

Non-Slip Rubberized Grip

Eliminates instances of slipping or accidental movement with an entirely rubberized back for an uninterrupted mousing experience

Premium Anti-Fray Stitching

High quality fabric stitching prevents unsightly seam tears you'll find in lower quality pads over time

Green Circuit Design

Sleek electronic circuit design complements any gaming setup and provides accurate tracking for laser and optical gaming mice

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