XL LED Mouse Pad with Hard Top

ENHANCE Gaming Metal LED Mouse Pad

The ENHANCE Aluminum LED gaming mouse pad features a brushed metal alloy surface which offers a sleek effortless mousing experience while emitting a brilliant display of ambient lighting. The mouse pad offers a single rainbow LED mode that changes through various multi-color presets. Light up your desktop and experience a next level gaming environment with ENHANCE Gaming.

  • $34.99


Illuminate your desk with an LED mouse pad that features a sleek surface made from sturdy brushed aluminum. A simple modern design combined with dynamic LED lighting creates an ambient environment at your gaming desk, home office, or at work. A brushed metal surface increases the speed of your mouse and allows you to execute delicate mouse movements with incredible precision and ensures that the ENHANCE Aluminum LED Mouse Pad will be the last pad you'll ever need.

Solid Metal Surface with Modern Aesthetic

Sleek, modern and incredibly durable, the aluminum LED mouse pad is the perfect choice for gamers who seek a clean and bright design. It combines aesthetics and functionality, making it perfect for graphic artists who seek a smooth surface while performing delicate mouse motions.
  • Dynamic Rainbow LED Lighting
  • Hard & Rigid Design
  • Frosted Edges for Lighting Consistency
  • USB Powered

Rainbow LED Lighting

The mouse pad features a single lighting effect that shines in a series of zones around the edges that cycles through various RGB colors.

Brushed Aluminum Metal Surface

A smooth aluminum surface provides a surface that your mouse can glide across with ease, increasing speed and allowing for precise and delicate mouse motions. The metal surface also conducts heat away from your hand, helping to keep your wrist and hand cool and sweat free during intense gaming sessions.

Rainbow LED Lighting with Semi-Opaque Edges

No one likes to stare into a diode hotspot, especially not during a gaming session. The frosted edges of the mouse pad dissipate the LED light emitted from the pad so that it creates a uniform, non-intrusive ambient light perfect for gaming desktop setups, at the office, or anywhere else.

Large Gaming Mouse Surface

With over 136 square inches of premium metal surface area, the ENHANCE mouse pad is over 50% larger than standard mouse pads. The large area combined with an incredibly sleek surface effectively allows your pointer to travel across the screen with short and quick mouse movements.

Non-Slip Rubberized Grip

Stability is incredibly important to anyone who frequently makes sensitive or small mouse adjustments including gamers and designers. A textured grip covers the entirety of the back side of the mouse pad to ensure that it has a stable adherence to any surface including wood, glass, metal, plastic, and more.

Mouse Pads
Colors Aluminum
Dimensions 13.75x9.9x0.1 in. 34.9x25.1x0.25cm
Compatibility Laser; Optical; Mechanical
Materials Rainbow LED, alluminum alloy surface w/non-slip rubber backing
Weight 1.63lbs (741g)

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