XL LED Mouse Pad with Fabric Top


ENHANCE Fabric Top LED Mouse Pad

The ENHANCE Fabric LED gaming mouse pad features a smooth fabric surface on top of a rigid pad which offers a sleek effortless mousing experience while emitting a brilliant display of ambient lighting. The mouse pad offers 7 solid LED colors with 3 brightness settings and 2 Multi-Color lighting effects. Light up your desktop and experience a next level gaming environment with ENHANCE Gaming.

  • $34.99


You don't have to choose between hard mouse pads and fabric mouse pads any longer. Our Fabric Top LED Mouse Pad offers the best of both options and ups the ante by adding customizable LED lighting. A sleek yet soft surface combined with a durable and stable base ensures that every motion your mouse makes is accurate, lightning fast, and comfortable. Get more with the ENHANCE Fabric Top LED Gaming Mouse Pad.

Rigid Design + Soft Surface

Get the best of both worlds with the ENHANCE Fabric Top LED Mouse Pad. A rigid body design provides the speed and durability of a hard mouse pad while the premium fabric surface provides a sleek and padded mousing experience.
  • LED Colors (Blue, Red, Green, White, Purple, Cyan, Light Green)
  • 2 Dynamic Lighting Effects (Rainbow and Color Fading)
  • 3 Brightness Settings
  • Premium Fabric Top Surface with Rigid Design
  • Frosted Edges for Lighting Consistency
  • USB Powered

Lighting Controls

Customize your gaming setup by matching your mouse pad to your keyboard and mouse. A set of recessed controls allow you to control the lighting at any time. The low profile controls will not interfere with your mouse during intense gaming sessions.

Premium Fabric Surface

A high quality fabric coats the surface of the mouse pad to provide a great feeling pad designed to have the benefits of both a hard mouse pad and a fabric mouse pad. Rigid base design offers stability and durability, while the fabric top ensures a comfortable and familiar texture.

Frosted Semi-Opaque Edges

No one likes to stare into a diode hotspot, especially not during a gaming session. The frosted edges of the mouse pad dissipate the LED light emitted from the pad so that it creates a uniform, non-intrusive ambient light perfect for gaming desktop setups, at the office, or anywhere else.

Custom LED Lighting

Customize your gaming setup to match your mouse pad to your keyboard and mouse. Select from 7 solid LED colors (Blue, Red, Green, White, Purple, Cyan, Light Green) with 3 distinct brightness settings or choose from either a dynamic Rainbow effect or a Color Fading that cycles through all 7 colors.

Non-Slip Rubberized Grip

Stability is incredibly important to gamers and designers who make sensitive small mouse adjustments. A textured grip covers the entirety of the back side of the mouse pad to ensure that it has a stable adherence to any surface including wood, glass, metal, plastic, and more.

Mouse Pads
Colors Selectable 7-color LED
Dimensions 13.75 x 9.9 x 0.1 in. 34.9 x 25.1 x 0.25 cm
Compatibility Laser; Optical; Mechanical
Materials Fabric on acrylic w/non-slip rubber backing
Weight 1.18lbs (534g)

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