XL Funny Cat Mouse Pad with Fabric Top

Captain A. Cool Cat and his crew of handsome cats have left Earth in the hopes of finding intelligent life forms. Stopping on the moon for a quick litter stop, Captain A. Cool Cat decided to plant his own flag onto the Moon when he had a realization. Perhaps Cats are the only intelligent life in the Universe and this endeavor is all for naught? He couldn't reveal his thoughts to the crew. Captain A. Cool Cat would have to feign confidence or risk a critical failure.
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These are the Voyages of the U.S.S ScratchPost

In a galaxy far, far away, there exists a planet not unlike Earth... Only it's "littered" with cats. Our new line of gaming mouse pads vividly imagines this Cat-Earth (named Felinia) and Cat-alogues the adventures of some of the inhabitants through high quality images taken at climactic points so you can enjoy their story.


Manned by a crew of some of the best Cats Felinia has to offer, the adventures of the U.S.S ScratchPost are documented through the best medium known to ENHANCE Gaming: A Mouse Pad. Follow Captain A. Cool Cat and his band of semi-competent officers, scientists, and engineers as they unravel the complex yarn ball that is the Universe.

The Purr-Fect Mouse Pad! Me-WOW!

We've really let the Cat out of the Bag with features. A Cat-tastic mouse pad to share with other Cat enthusiasts or to force upon people at work.
  • Non-slip material stays in position during gaming sessions or to just lay your head on for a nice cat nap
  • Large surface area allows you to drop that DPI or just swing your mouse around wildly from excitement
  • Durable Anti-Fray stitching prevents your mouse pad from looking like a worn scratch post

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