XXL LED Mouse Pad with Hard Top



Light up your desktop with the largest LED mouse pad in our arsenal. The sleek modern design offers over 400 square inches of premium tracking space for gamers from the professional to casual level. With 7 solid colors to choose from and 2 lighting effects, you can truly customize and add a subtle yet impressive ambient light to your computer desktop space.

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ENHANCE Your Game, Light Up Your Desk

Step up your game and give your gaming desk a bit of a makeover with the new LED mouse pad by ENHANCE Gaming. The smooth tracking surface optimizes the tracking of both laser and optical gaming mice for sensitive movements, allowing you to perform incredibly fast 360 turns or line up perfect shots at the blink of an eye.
  • Hard & Sleek Tracking Surface
  • 7 Solid Colors & 2 Dynamic Effects
  • Red, Blue, Green, White, Purple, Light Green, Cyan
  • Rainbow Mode: Multi-Color Dynamic
  • Color Cycle Mode: Shifts through Solid Colors
  • Dimensions: 29.5 x 11.4 x 0.2 inches

Custom LED Lighting

The massive size of our LED mouse pad accentuates the lighting and sleek design. Select your favorite color or choose from the 2 dynamic lighting effects: Rainbow & Color Cycle.
  • Transparent Edges & Decals
  • Non-Slip Grip

Beautiful Transparent Design

Incredible custom lighting shines through the transparent edges of the mouse pad, creating an awesome yet subtle ring of light on your desktop. The clear inlay design on the surface of the pad mirrors the colors on the edges of the pad and turns your desk from an eyesore into a modern looking gaming setup.

Non-Intrusive Easy to Reach Controls

Cycle through 7 solid colors and 2 dynamic lighting effects using the built-in controls located at the top center of the mouse pad. When you've selected a color, use the Power button to pick from 3 brightness settings to get the right lighting for your desk. Unlike other LED mouse pads, there is no intrusive connection hub that gets in the way of your mouse or takes up more desk space than necessary.

Turn your Desktop into a Battlestation

The geometric lines, transparent edges, and flat black surface create a professional and modern aesthetic that will transform your desktop into a gaming battlestation. Whether you are looking to spruce up your office desktop or want to give your home gaming PC a massive design upgrade, the ENHANCE XXL LED Mouse Pad is sure to capture the attention of those who walk by.

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