Mechanical Keyboard Mod Kit - 40A O-Rings

ENHANCE Mechanical Keyboard Modification Kit

Improved Key Performance
Now you and your keyboard can gel together and beat the competition. The mod kit comes complete with 140 clear O-Ring silicone sound dampeners. These cutting edge switch accessories will help reduce noise level for those late night gaming sessions. The dampeners also help reduce vibration from repeated typing on your keys providing your fingers a comfortable feel.

  • $14.99

Sound Dampeners & Maintenance Kit

5-Piece Upgrade Kit

The Mechanical Keyboard Mod Kit comes with 140 O-Ring silicone sound dampeners. Transparent rings allow your keyboard's LED lighting to shine through without obstruction. The 2mm thick O-Rings provide faster actuation time to help you beat the competition.

  • Reduce Bottoming Out Clack Sound
  • 2mm Rings reduce Actuation Time for Faster Response
  • 40A Shore O-Rings Provide a Soft Feel Upon Actuation
  • Provide Regular Maintenance to Your Keyboard

Improve, Maintain, Modify

Upgrade and Modify your mechanical keyboard with the ENHANCE 5-piece mod kit. This kit is ideal for regular maintenance, reducing clacking sound, and improving actuation time.

  • 140 O-Rings & Keycap Puller
  • Dusting Brush & Microfiber Cloth
  • Storage Pouch

Upgrade & Maintenance Kit

The ENHANCE Mod Kit is a 5-piece set of simple tools to improve the practicality and function of your mechanical keyboard. Reduce loud clacking for late night gaming and regularly dust underneath the keys for performance and cleanliness.

Keycap Remover

The kit includes a reinforced keycap puller to easily remove the keys to easily remove dust and objects that often fall in between the keys during normal use. The keycap puller works with every cap for virtually every keyboard for universal use.

140 Transparent O-Rings

The O-Rings attach to the stems of mechanical keyboard caps and serve multiple functions. First, the O-rings are designed to eliminate the clacking sound created by keys that are pressed too far downward and hit the bottom of the keyboard. Second, the o-rings reduce the distance that the keys have to travel in order to actuate the switch for reduced noise and improved response.

Microfiber Cloth & Dust Brush

Regularly clean and remove dust from underneath your keys with the included dust brush and soft microfiber cloth. Nothing ruins the look of an impressive gaming setup like a bunch of dusty peripherals. Use the kit to clean not just your keyboard, but your mouse, PC tower, and monitor.

Mod Kit Chart
O-ring Quantity 140
O-ring Hardness Soft, 40A (Shore)
O-ring Diameter Outer 0.335 inch; Inner 0.18 inch
O-ring Thickness 0.08 inch
O-ring Material Tear resistant clear silicone

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