Compact Bluetooth Keyboard Wrist Rest

Give your wrists the support they deserve with a plush memory foam pad by ENHANCE. Featuring a 1 inch memory foam thickness that reacts and conforms to your typing style, the ENHANCE foam wrist rest alleviates wrist pains and carpal tunnel symptoms by providing the optimum typing positioning.

Rise Above the Rest with ENHANCE Gaming.

  • $12.99

ENHANCE Compact Memory Foam Wrist Pad

For Portable and Compact Keyboards

A high quality stitched fabric surface with a full inch of supportive memory foam keeps your wrists at the perfect angle for typing while reducing overall strain from extended work hours or long gaming sessions. Stitched edges eliminate unsightly seams and fraying that occur on lower quality pads, and the silky fabric lets the memory foam breathe to provide exceptional comfort and support for hours on end.

  • One inch Memory Foam Support
  • Premium Anti-Fray Stitched Edges
  • Non-Slip Rubber Base
  • Sleek Fabric Surface
  • Easy to Clean

For Portable Keyboards

The compact size was selected to accommodate a wide range of portable bluetooth and half size keyboards from a variety of manufacturer's. Please see the dimensions below for proper fit:

  • 13 x 4.25 x 1 inches

Working Hard or Playing Hard

Whether you put in long hours at work or game into the night, the ENHANCE compact wrist pad provides a supportive pad that easily fits onto almost any desk space. Our wrist pads were designed to keep you engaged on the screen and worrying less about wrist fatigue.

Alleviates Wrist Fatigue

The supportive memory foam keeps your wrists at a neutral level with the height of the keys, helping to reduce pain and discomfort commonly reported from extended keyboard use. The fabric surface also keeps air flowing through the pad to keep your wrists fresh and sweat free.

1 inch Plush Memory Foam

A thick memory foam design offers incredible comfort and support. In combination with anti-fray stitching, a smooth fabric surface, and a non-slip rubber base, the ENHANCE wrist pad is perfect for gamers or office workers looking for wrist pain relief.

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