Tenkeyless Keyboard Wrist Rest

Give your wrists the support they deserve with a plush memory foam pad by ENHANCE. Featuring a 1 inch memory foam thickness that reacts and conforms to your typing style, the ENHANCE foam wrist rest alleviates wrist pains and carpal tunnel symptoms by providing the optimum typing positioning.

Rise Above the Rest with ENHANCE Gaming.

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Designed For Gamers

Supportive and cushioned memory foam design for Tenkeyless gaming keyboards alleviates wrist pain and symptoms of carpal tunnel. An ergonomic design with padded foam is ideal for comfortable PC gaming or using at work.

1 Inch Memory Foam

A plush 1 inch memory foam design conforms to your wrist and offers ergonomic support.

Tenkeyless Keyboards

15 inch length is the perfect size for tenkeyless gaming mechanical keyboards.

Anti-Fray Stitching

Premium stitching prevents wear-and-tear and extends the lifetime of the wrist rest.

Clean and Sleek Design

A deep fabric with a reflective dark gray emblem embellishes the wrist rest.

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