Mouse Wrist Rest

Gaming Mouse Wrist Rest Pad with Memory Foam Ergonomic Support by ENHANCE
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ENHANCE Gaming Mouse Wrist Rest with Memory Foam

Give your wrists the support they deserve with the plush memory foam support only ENHANCE can provide. Featuring a 0.5 inch memory foam thickness that reacts and conforms to your wrist, the ENHANCE foam wrist rest alleviates wrist pains and carpal tunnel symptoms by encouraging and supporting a neutral hand position.

The ENHANCE wrist rest enforces a neutral hand position neccessary for eSports professionals and gamers, allowing for pain-free and comfortable gaming for hours at a time.

Made from high quality cloth over a memory foam core held together with premium anti-fray stitching, the ENHANCE wrist rest offers incredible resistance to wear and tear. Maintenance is quick and simple by wiping down the surface with a moist cloth to keep the deep black surface clean.

Rise Above the Rest with ENHANCE Gaming.

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