Full-Size Keyboard Wrist Rest

Give your wrists the support they deserve with a plush memory foam pad by ENHANCE. Featuring a 1 inch memory foam thickness that reacts and conforms to your typing style, the ENHANCE foam wrist rest alleviates wrist pains and carpal tunnel symptoms by providing the optimum typing positioning. 

Rise Above the Rest with ENHANCE Gaming.

  • $14.99


Playing PC games for hours is fun, but what isn't fun is the painful discomfort that can sometimes come with it. At ENHANCE Gaming, we've designed a premium quality wrist rest for gaming keyboards of all sizes in order to remedy wrist pain that incorporates a full 1 inch memory foam pad, anti-fray stitching, and smudge/dirt resistant material.


Our premium ergonomic designs improve comfort during your workday, a long competitive gaming session, or just at your home computer. Be sure to check the sizes of our wrist pads with your keyboard to ensure the best fit for your desk and typing style.

Memory Foam Support

The airy memory foam contours to your wrist's shape for a perfect typing height. We recommend using your keyboards angle adjustment feet in combination with our wrist rest to further improve your typing comfort. A higher typing angle combined with elevated wrists in neutral position help alleviate wrist pain and fatigue.

1 inch Memory Foam

A plush 1 inch memory foam design conforms to your wrist and offers ergonomic support

Full Size Keyboards

17.5 inch length is the perfect size for full size mechanical gaming keyboards of all types

Anti-Fray Stitching

Premium stitching prevents wear-and-tear and extends the lifetime of the wrist rest

Clean & Sleek Design

A deep black fabric with a reflective dark gray emblem embellishes the wrist rest

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