Acrylic Gaming Headset Stand

ENHANCE your gaming desk with the Pro Gaming Headphone Stand. Designed with custom LED lighting, 4 USB ports, and a sleek and modern transparent acrylic neck that complements your love of all things RGB. Mount your headset and experience the incredible practicality and style that only ENHANCE gaming can offer.
  • $34.99

Rise Above the Rest

LED Headset Stand

We've designed our ENHANCE Headset Stand not just as a place to hang your headphones, but as a base of operations and a central core of your desktop. Save desk space & elegantly display your headphones with the ENHANCE headset stand. The combined utility of a USB Hub and Headset Storage complete with LED lighting customization are an excellent addition to any gaming desktop space. Display your headset, add a USB hub, and clear up some desktop space with the ENHANCE Headset Stand.

  • 7 Color Selection and Rainbow Mode
  • 4 USB 2.0 Ports
  • Weighted Design with Non-Slip Grip
  • Flexible & Transparent Neck Design
  • Braided Micro USB Cable
  • Circuit LED Design
Two Piece Design

Transparent neck easily attaches to the base securely, able to support virtually any size headset
  • Acrylic Neck
  • LED Base
  • USB Cable

4 Port USB Hub

A built in USB hub allows you to connect frequently used peripherals without having to reach behind your PC. Connect headsets, keyboards, mice, flash drives, external drives, and much more from one convenient location.

Custom LED Lighting

An acrylic neck stem brightly illuminates with your choice of LED lighting. Select from 7 colors (Rainbow, Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow, Light Green, and Green) and customize the headset stand to match your existing desktop aesthetic.

Space Saving Design

Clear up some desk space with ENHANCE. The vertical headset stand design combined with 4 USB ports keeps your headset within reach on an elegantly lit display while allowing connectivity to various peripherals.

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