MMO 2 Gaming Mouse

Theorem 2 Pro Gaming Mouse: Select from over 16 million colors to customize the Theorem to your liking. Brilliant LED lighting adds style to your desktop and easily matches with the rest of your PC. Add or remove the tuning weights to adjust the feel and glide along your gaming surface to get exactly the amount of traction you need. Create up to 5 profiles each with LED lighting, DPI levels, polling rates, macros, shortcuts, and more. Switch between profiles using the switch located at the bottom of the mouse.

  • $29.99

Theorem 2 Pro Gaming Mouse

Programmable Buttons with RGB Lighting

Prove your dominance in the digital battlegrounds with the Theorem 2 Gaming Mouse. Designed for extreme customization, the Theorem 2 features RGB lighting, adjustable weight, 5 gaming profiles, and a full software suite for crafting the perfect set up for any game.

  • Create 5 Custom Gaming Profiles
  • Over 16 Million RGB Colors
  • Adjustable Weight Tuners
  • 6 Custom DPI Sensitivity Levels
  • Matte Grip Surface

13 Programmable Buttons

Use the Theorem Software Suite to program your favorite commands, shortcuts, and macros to one of 13 ergonomic buttons.

  • 12 Thumb Buttons
  • 1 Quick-Fire Button

Quick Switch DPI Levels

Set up custom DPI levels using the included software and easily switch between your desired sensitivity levels using the dedicated DPI switch.

Quick-Fire Button

Program the Quick-Fire button to your favorite ability or attack to quickly stack damage against enemies or activate buffs and debuffs in an instant.

Over 16 Million Colors

Select from over 16 million colors and set each of the 5 gaming profiles to your favorite colors to match your desktop or your game theme.

Adjust Weight for Comfort

Remove weights to adjust the Theorem 2 to your exact comfort, offering customization for mouse slide on various desk surfaces and user habits.

DPI 500-1000-1500-2000-3000-4000
Sensor Optical
Buttons 19
Lighting RGB
Weight Tuning Yes
System Compatibility Windows 7 or later
Connection USB 2.0
Battery Run Time N/A
Charging Time N/A
Included Accessories N/A
Cable Length 70 inches 1778mm

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